Twitter's Customer Loyalty

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Discussion of Twitter's customer loyalty Twitter is a popular social networking company famous for its networking and micro blogging services that allow users to "Tweet" (send plus receive messages with a maximum of 140 letters (Thomases, 2010). Several companies/businesses around the globe have used Twitter services to attract and maintain customer loyalty. Through tweets, Twitter enables companies to communicate with customers on matters concerning their brands, goods plus services thus enhancing proper customer relationships (Thomases, 2010). This aspect has increased twitter users where emerging businesses have recognized the service due to its marketing capabilities. Companies such as Apple have used the site successfully where they have gained considerable market for their products and services. Via twitter, companies can update their customers on matters concerning special offers and promotions. Accessibility of twitter by various devices plus applications has made companies acquire and ensure customer loyalty (Thomases, 2010). How customer loyalty is linked to competitive advantage The link of customer loyalty and competitive advantage is evident in every business. A company strives to maintain customer loyalty by ensuring high standards in terms of customer service and quality of products. In the process, the company acquires and retains customers hence achieving a better competitive advantage than over other companies. Other companies will try to compete
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