Two Accounts for the Moral Wrongness of Torture

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Torture is morally wrong because it can affect an individual physically, socially and psychologically. This essay will address the physical affects and psychological affects towards people. Torture is unacceptable because is damages a person’s humanity, values, respect and reputation of the moral authorities. This essay will discuss two accounts for the moral wrongness of torture and they have been discovered by William Twining’s and from his research he noted torture to be morally wrong since the rights of the victim is violated, secondly David Sussman who believes torture is morally wrong because the victim is turned against the victim herself. Torture includes forcing the victim to 1)perform sexual activities, or pose in a sexual manner , 2)beatings and burns 3) placing hoods over the head and covering the eyes by using duct tape 4)and waterboarding. Waterboarding is the most commonly used for torture in nowadays, this method involves placing a cloth over the victims face and causes the victim to experience the sensation of drowning. Torture may affect someone’s life socially because the individual shall find it hard to make friends, difficult to adapt to a new culture and they will feel uncertain and lost about the future (Gerrity et al 2001). Unfortunately torture will also make the victim feel guilty and ashamed about themselves because of the humiliation they have experienced. Lastly, the psychological symptoms impact the victim which includes anxiety, mood

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