Two American Families Analysis

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Frontline’s special of Two American Families contrasts families trying to secure a foothold in the middle class America during a time of struggle in the city of Milwaukee. Indeed, the special is about the financial strain on the middle class of America, but what is clear is the difference a mindset and communication can make for a family during a challenge. If a family chooses to stay positive, stick together and communicate well, their chances of making it through is much stronger than those who become negative and fail to clearly communicate their goals. For example, Tony Newman lost his job as his employer downsized. This brought incredible financial strain upon his family as he was unable to find new employment. Therefore, his wife got a job to provide for the family. What was…show more content…
He would not give up, but would search for work. Even his wife, Jackie, was working and said, “Fake it until you make it… that’s what we do in the Stanley household.” In addition, their own children got involved in working to help provide for the family. Even through, neither family comes out on top of life as millionaires, there is a clear difference in how the children, now grown, are living their lives. The Newman children are all repeating the pattern of their parents; whereas the Stanly kids, though not perfect, are finding a new way to not repeat their parent’s struggle with finances. For example, their oldest son Keith has chosen to not have kids yet, because he wants to be in control of his life. His parents on the other hand had several kids and found it very difficult to provide for them. All in all, Frontline’s special displays family dynamics within American families who struggle to make ends meet and pay the bills. However, there is a great lesson shown in the benefits of families depending on faith and one another to live a full life with all the ups and
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