Two Approaches Of Leadership And Leadership

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Leaders throughout history have displayed many characteristics and traits which make them who they are, and influence the decisions they make. Whether or not the leader was born with these traits has never been scientifically proven. However, it is within human nature that we learn through trial and experience to improve our mental cognitive ability, and therefore leaders are, until proven otherwise, made not born. Whether a leader is born a leader, or made a leader is not relevant to the end result. What is relevant is if one of the two approaches of leadership produces a better leader. Leaders play a large role in society, and great leaders play a large role in history. Trying to hypothesise whether leaders are born or made is ironic, as by studying that topic, you are effectively helping to make future leaders. Leaders are crucial to the continuing development of the human race. Without leaders, the world would hardly change from when humans first inhabited it. Leaders inspire change, with goals and aims in place to further develop the human race. While not all leaders have the same ideology as others, they are still reaching to enhance the population. Leaders have been present throughout all history, and many have played a large role in how society operates today. Leaders usually show many similar characteristics to each other, and for this reason, many believe that a leader must have these same qualities or traits to be a successful leader. Of interest however, is
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