Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family

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Two-Career Family Versus One-Career Family My paper will focus on the differences and the similarities between the two career families and one career families, and will give ideas regarding which of the two is better in the development of the individual career. There are various studies that focus on the career development of the individual and how the work is connected with the non-work lives of people. There are divergent studies that show the strong relationship of family and work. It shows that the developmental needs of the family will produce incomplete understanding regarding the career dynamics (Arthur & Hall 1989, p. 159). One of the main differences between the two career family and the one career family is the focus on the…show more content…
In the case of the women inside a two career family, will have the chance to go into what field they have chosen. By doing this, it can help them to continue their learning process and continue to practice what they have learned. This circumstance can be noticed in the increasing number of women that are entering the work force in different fields all over the world. There are a few important factors that separate the two family set ups: the quality time, the roles and responsibilities, and the development of women inside the family, as well as in the whole world. Two out of three factors can be considered as an advantage of the two career family. In terms of roles and responsibilities, it does not follow the traditional way of the labor separation. In this, the husband and the wife, has the same level of commitment in terms of home care and finances. One career family has the advantage in terms of the quality time, which is the most important aspect in a family, because it focuses on the relationship, communication, and connection between the parents and the children. In closing, there have been debates regarding which family life is better, which has been a focus of many studies and researches. There are many different people and studies that show that the two career family is the most suitable set up in society, but there are still countless people that believe having a one career family is still the best for the children. References Arthur, M, Hall,
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