Two Colors One Land

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TWO COLORS ONE LAND “American Dream” is a taboo for many people from different nationalities who are pursuit of happiness. One of the former U.S presidents Bill Clinton defined American dream as; if ones do the best that they can, all the doors will open to them in order to reach happiness and to benefit from the opportunities. (Michael S., 2004) Throughout the world many people day dream to be a part of American dream one day. However the missing point which they do not know is that the expectations may be disappoint humans after they take one slice of the big cake which is called American dream. Michael Schudson mentioned in his journal that U.S is known as American dream for many people but indeed, U.S is not the land of opportunities that people are assumed. When one takes one slice of the big cake he or she can realize that the taste of the cake is not same for all races in U.S. There is a non ignorable categorization between the races in U.S. Jefferson M. Fish defines racism: “Treating people unfairly because of their group membership”. (2011) There are many advertisements that introduce U.S as the land of opportunities and land of freedom. U.S is one of the most developed countries about economic conditions and opportunities. There are many work streams, many opportunities that are provided for people. However the opportunities are not equally balanced between the all ethnic groups. Despite some ethnic groups take advantage of the

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