Two Differences Of Disneyland And Walt Disney World

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Although Disneyland and Walt Disney World are Walt Disney’s ideas being portrayed, the two parks have quite a few differences along with the vast amount of similarities. Disneyland cut the ceremonial ribbon in 1955 and is located in Anaheim, California. It included features such as Sleeping Beauty Castle, eighteen attractions, one resort hotel, and a monorail system. On the other hand, Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, opened its doors in 1971. It featured Cinderella Castle, fifteen attractions, and two resort hotels when it initially opened. Some similarities between the two are that both places allow you to participate in the Disney College Program, both are Walt Disney’s dreams coming to life, both have some of the same themes and rides in the main parks, and both have pin trading. For example, Disney World is comprised of four parks, whereas Disneyland is only made up of two. In contrast, the two parks have different amounts and varieties of parks, hotels, restaurants and things to see or do. When Disneyland opened, it rested on an 85-acre property and only had about eighteen attractions. However, some of the rides featured on opening day are the most iconic ones still running in both locations. On the first day they opened the doors, thousands of people began rushing into the parks to see Walt Disney’s dreams become a reality. Upon walking in, guests were overwhelmed with all the magic come to life. Sleeping Beauty Castle towers over the entrance of the
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