Two Different Breeds In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Two Different Breeds

In present day America, there is no societal statement that is proclaimed more often than "all people are created equal." However, this value is in complete contradiction to the class oriented views of the 19th century. The 19th century was most known for society's oppression towards the lower class and especially women. Jane Eyre, an award winning novel, depicts and vividly describes these stereotypical beliefs that the people of this time withheld. All these beliefs are told and persevered through one character, Jane Eyre. Eyre’s character and events throughout the story reveal the oppression towards women and the diffident feelings that the lower class in the 19th century endured.

First and foremost,
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He rudely enlightens her with the fact that he is above her in social class, and she shall not be treated anything like him and his family. He also explains to her that living at his house is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. Usually foster children don't have to be reminded of this because they're treated just as the family's own. Another example that shows the lower classes diffidence due to society's rules and standards is when Helen burns, Jane's best friend, explains to Jane how her dying shouldn't be a great ordeal. Helen believes no one will miss her due to her lack of talents and positive qualities. Helen states “ “I have only a father; and he is lately married, and will not miss me. By dying young I shall escape great sufferings. I had not qualities or talents to make my way very well in the world: I should have been continually at fault.” this quote shows the lack of confidence Helen has for herself. Confidence is most often gained by someone that inspires you, gives you a compliment. In this case Helen's dad or teachers should be the one giving the compliment, but since society's rules and standards can't see past Helen's social status, she is led to believe she is…show more content…
What we can say is, it's in the works, and we're on the right path to achieving this goal. Through the book Jane Eyre, Eyre’s character and events throughout the story reveal society's attitude towards equality in the 19th century, mainly portrayed through women and the lower class. Most importantly, the novel displays the oppression towards women, and the diffident feelings that the lower class endured in their lives. It's hard to imagine such a cruel and gratuitous world, but sadly it did occur, and it's important that we learn from our mistakes to better our future. Revisiting these barbarous times in our history, will not only force us to learn from our past mistakes, but it will make us stronger as one, and secure for all generations going forward that “all people are created
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