Two Different Perspectives Of Love In The Media

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Love in the Media

Love in the media is seen from two different perspectives. Although I could see tens even hundreds of perspectives of love in the media our grade focused on 2. One is that it is a good thing, it represents love correctly and shows people what love could and should be, this could be between a boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, friends, or even a pet. The media can also be a bad thing that does not represent love correctly, making it seem too perfect or over exaggerated. The correct way they could label love is a healthy relationship wish not only the “love” you hear about but also the struggles of being in a relationship. Many people in the Yammer discussion said both ideas. Yet when you consider Romeo and Juliet’s life there is barely any “media”, there is no television, or radio, the only real type of media is some newspapers and plays, and even these things are hard to get. Almost everything is told from speech, face to face. Lord and Lady Capulet are the “main media” in the play. They tell Juliet everything that the media says and people could see this in both of those two perspectives stated before. Love in both the play and life can be good and bad depending on the situation.
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People still might think that the media is so perfect, or just trying to hook the consumers. And even though Romeo and Juliet did not have the media I still feel like they had influence from their mothers and fathers, which you could consider “the media”. In present day, there are a lot more divorces than usual and you never know if this was because of the larger populations or just the more and more types of media. There are hundreds of different points of views on this topic and there are so many ways people could see the media. They could see it as bad or good for your love life and your reputation. Yet media is still the number one producer in money in the entire world, so is media good or
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