Two Different Types of Abortion

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Abortion has become very common in the past couple of years. In fact, research has shown that one out of three women in the United States have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old (Abortion ) According to Planned Parenthood, there are currently two kinds of abortions being performed in the United States. One kind of abortion is the in clinic abortion, which is a medical procedure that will end pregnancy in a safe and effective way, generally costing about three-hundred to $950 dollars during the first trimester (Abortion ). The second kind of abortion available in the United States is the abortion pill. The abortion pill will require the woman to take medicines to end an early pregnancy, which it is also said to be safe and effective. The cost of the pill will range from three-hundred to eight hundred dollars. The abortion pill may be used up to 63 day (9 weeks) after the women’s last period. (Abortion ). If the woman’s pregnancy is more than nine weeks an in clinic abortion will be performed, in order to end the pregnancy. Abortion has come a long way throughout the years and has always been a controversial topic. Abortion is controversial because they are the liberal minded individuals that believe abortion should be a decision made only by the pregnant women. There are also the more conservative minded individuals that believe abortion should not be performed by any circumstances. These individuals reject the idea of an abortion due to religious beliefs. A

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