Two Examples Of Genocide In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Genocide is cruel and. heartless. The Holocaust is an example of genocide. Millions of Jews, Gypsies, homos, and slavs were murdered in the Holocaust. There wasn't many survivors. When the United States of America found the survivors, they were liberated. Then the whole truth about the Holocaust came out. Genocide is everywhere. In Europe, Africa, and etc. Genocide is the act of killing a large group of people (ethnic group or nation). The Nazi mainly murdered the Jews, but they also murdered Gypsies, Homos, and Slavs.Anyone can be a victim of genocide. Elie Wiesel is a famous survivor. He wasn't a victim, he was a witness. He wrote a novel called “Night” and it's about what he say and how he felt when he was a prisoner of the concentration camps. He also lost his mother, father, and sisters to the crematorium.Rudolf Vrba is a witness too. “I was in a death factory, an extermination centre where thousand upon thousands of men,women, and children were gassed and burned, not so much because they were Jewish, though that was the primary though in the sick mind at the Fuhrer, but because in death they made a contribution to Germany’s war effort.” (Vrba 1993) Nazi genocide deals with Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his Nazis murdered different…show more content…
When Hitler came to power, things changed in Europe. Adolf spread Concentration camps around Europe. He used a system for the killings. The prisoners could get shot to death, buried alive, sent to crematorium, or sent to the gas chambers. Most of this happened in Auschwitz. Josef Mengele selected prisoners for the gas chambers in Auschwitz. He also would do cruel experiments on prisoners (mainly twins). He was called the Angel of Death for his cruel and disgusting experiments. “He enlisted in the Nazi stormtroopers in 1993 and joined the newly founded institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene the next year.” (Mengele
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