Two Great Renaissance Artists

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Two Great Renaissance Artists The Renaissance period is known as a period of the rebirth of Greek ideas. The works of this time were more individualized and the artists had more artistic freedom then were allowed in the Medieval or middle Ages. Two of the greatest individuals of the Renaissance time period were Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Not only was Da Vinci a great artist, he was also the best in many fields other than art. “Leonardo is often viewed as the archetype of the "Renaissance Man" because of his expertise and interest in many different areas, including art, science, music, mechanics, the arts of war, politics, philosophy, and nearly every other subject that mattered” (Wikibooks, 2010). Michelangelo Buonarroti…show more content…
While most other artists idealized everything, he wanted to paint what he actually saw. He studied people on the streets and things in nature which, to him, were the most beautiful things. Leonardo da Vinci was and is renowned primarily as a painter and the works of art that Leonardo left behind are very few. He left us numerous masterpieces that we still study and marvel at today, but he never completed a statue and has only about a dozen finished paintings. He left behind many anatomical and mechanical drawing and thousands of sketches (Plumb, 1961). One such masterpiece, the 16th century oil painting of the Mona Lisa, also referred to as ‘La Giaconda’, is considered by the art world to be one of his most famous works. It is the most famous and most parodied portrait. The history of the Mona Lisa has long garnered much attention and stirred controversy with regard to the identity of the woman who sat for the painting. This painting is so special because of the type of color that Da Vinci created. This type of painting is called Sfumato, which is a type of shading that allowed him to shade differently (Phaidon, 1994). The color is a darker Hue, which also makes the painting even more interesting and Da Vinci has used a large amount of warm color. The lines in this painting are very precise and on point. The Mona Lisa has a geometric shape to it, the woman being the center focusing point in the painting. This
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