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The story “Two Kinds,” written by Amy Tan, has a plot that many people can relate to while growing up as a child. The theme of the story is that there are two kinds of people: the one the mother wants her to be and the one Jing-mei (the protagonist and narrator of the story) strives to be. Both mother and daughter in the story have a very complicated relationship. The mother believes that you could become anything you wanted in America. The author emphasizes that Jing-mei’s mother tries to dominate and control her life in every possible way you can imagine. For example her mother’s persistent ways in trying to make her into something she’s not a “prodigy”, as well as making her take piano lessons so she can win against one of her mother’s…show more content…
Jing-mei’s mother wants her daughter to have every advantage in this growing land of opportunity by reinforcing her to try harder in school so she could have academic excellence as Liz Brent states “The tone of this opening paragraph introduces an element of irony in the narrator's attitude toward her mother's vision of America as a place where "you could become anything you wanted to be." Everything sounds too simple and too easily achieved”(Overview 1).Once again America is referred as the country of opportunities and where dreams come true while working hard and being dedicated to chores and the development of activities that involve a highly paid or talented future. At first the mother thought the daughter was able enough to be the next Chinese Shirley Temple, by making her watch old movies as if they were training videos. So she took her to a beauty training school to get her hair done like Shirley Temple but instead looked like Peter Pan. Not only acting was involved in this situation. Memorizing capitals and states, multiplying numbers, finding the queen of hearts in a deck of cards, standing on her head without hands, predicting daily temperatures in certain states, reading three minutes from the bible and restating a summarize, were simple chores

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