Two Kinds of Love in Movie Casablanca Essay

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Two Kinds of Love in Movie Casablanca

In the movie Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz, two different kinds of love are exposed. The love relationship between Ilsa Lund and Rick is a more passionate relationship while the one between Ilsa and Victor Laszlo is more intimate. Love is composed of different feelings and because of that it can be expressed, as seen in Casablanca, in different ways. “The Intimate Relationship Mind”, a text by Garth J. O. Fletcher and Megan Stenswick, helps support that claim providing a scientific background on how love is shaped by those different feelings. It says that “love is composed of three distinct and basic components that each represent evolved adaptations; namely, intimacy, commitment,
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If two lovers do not share their past with each other it is clear that they are not exactly intimate or committed. Intimacy and commitment would require trust and sharing things besides their own bodies, it seems that was not their case. “The Intimate Relationship Mind” says that “in flings or one-night stands, passion can run high, whereas intimacy and commitment are probably low” (75). Rick and Ilsa’s relationship seemed to work like that. Nevertheless, there was a moment when Rick’s feeling started to develop and he started to want more intimacy and commitment. That moment was when the Nazis invaded Paris, and Rick and Ilsa decided to run away. Rick proposed to Ilsa and she didn’t really accept. When Ilsa stood Rick up in the train station the intimacy and commitment that he wanted faded away, just like the writing on the letter faded away because of the rain. In his face, however, it could still be seen that the passion remained there. In the end of the movie when Rick says: “We’ll always have Paris. We didn’t have, we’d lost it, until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night.” He seems to accept that all he and Ilsa have ever had was a passionate relationship and that it was not supposed to last forever.

The other love relationship portrayed in Casablanca is the intimate relationship between Ilsa and Laszlo. As opposed to the relationship between Ilsa and Rick, this one has high levels of
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