Two Kinds vs. Yellow Wallpaper

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Two Kinds vs. The Yellow Wallpaper
Literature 210

After reading two very different pieces of literature one could come to the conclusion that there are many similarities and many differences between them. By comparing and contrasting the two short stories Two Kinds by Amy Tan, and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilmans we can better see how they are similar and different. Both authors of these short stories seemed to have created their stories a bit from their own lives, and through that made some very interesting characters. The authors also seemed to have thought very well about their characters personas.
The first story is Amy Tan’s Two Kinds starts out with a girl explaining her mother, and what
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I also see the wife and little girl trying as hard as they can to impress the other two characters but eventually giving up and not caring about pleasing them as much. Both authors did a great job with settings as I could always perfectly picture where everything was taking place and how all of the rooms that they were in looked.
Aside from the stories being completely different in plot, theme, and settings another main difference between the two is the perspective from which they are written. Two Kinds is written from a girl who is looking back on her life and remembering things that happened when she was a little girl. On the other hand The Yellow Wallpaper was written more like journal that had been written every once and a while by Johns wife. They are also different because Gilmans seemed to make use of the imagery literary device a lot more then Tan did. As I read The Yellow Wallpaper I was constantly thinking about the scenery and picturing it in my head. Amy Tan also used imagery, but it seemed like she used emotions between the mother and daughter more.
The author of The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilmans, was born in Connecticut in 1860. Charlotte’s father left her shortly after she was born. She married an artist in 1884, and gave birth to her first and only child the following year. Gilman suffered from deep depression, which eventually

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