Two Methods Of Formative Assessment

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This paper is about two methods of formative assessment used to improve students’ achievements, The present literature on assessment suggests that assessment for learning (formative assessment) not only represents a tool to assess students’ learning but it also serves as a pedagogical tool to enhance learning and thinking. Moreover, formative assessment is used collaboratively by both teachers and learners to enhance learning; adjust teaching and learning activities; and provide feedback on the efficiency of teaching and learning acts and direct future path (Kumar A. 2013). Two methods are going to be discussed in the paper, Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) and Open Learner Model (OLM). Each country has a different
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The conclusion will summarize the findings and discuss the cones and pros in each method with respect to its effectiveness in measuring the students’ achievements.

Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM)

CBM method was developed for special education purposes, a program called data based program modification (DBPM) developed to measure the effectiveness of special education programs (Deno & Mirkin, 1977). Special education teachers were the targeted group to get benefit of the system, they can use the collected data of students’ performance overtime to evaluate the value of their instructions and increase the effectiveness of the instructional planning. Many formative assessment researches has been conducted to generate a set of procedures to monitor students’ progress in reading and Math in special and general education. This set contains specifications of the outcomes; items and activities of the tasks, and the scoring system to get accurate data that help teachers take the right decision to improve educational programs.

Psychometric Measurement
Many researches has been conducted to examine the psychometric measures. The reliability and validity have been proved by conducting many standardized procedures and repeating performance sampling. In addition, a feature of the system that enable students to responds to different
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