Two Methods of Losing Weight

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Two Methods of Losing Weight

Heather Williams

COM/155 University Composition and Communication 1

October 26, 2012

Suzanne Welsch

Simple modifications in one’s diet combined with regular exercise can have a dramatic effect

and will encourage habits for a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance. However, it might be

difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, but eating healthy has benefits to help promote

one’s well-being. In today’s society, exercising is more of a necessity in order to live a longer

and healthier life. A healthy living lifestyle is much more than focusing on nutrition and fitness,

it is to properly analyze one’s body type and keep track of one’s calorie intake on a daily
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If one is busy

five days a week, then one should plan some physical activity over the weekends. According to

Healthy-Eating, Americans need at least 30 minutes of physical activity several days a week in

order to lose weight continuously and maintain a healthy well-being.

Healthy weight requires time and dedication. Trying to maintain that healthy weight is a

challenge, because one is surrounded by a world of unhealthy habits and indulgences. One can

reduce weight either by reducing his or her calorie intake by eating smaller portions, or by

increasing his or her daily calorie requirements by exercising, or both (“Runningforfitness,

2009”). Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.


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