Two Opposite Furry Friends

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All my years growing up our family had a dog. Sometimes we would have the same breed again and again. At other times we would have a different breed each time. Out of all the dogs we had, there were two that couldn't be any more different, they were Ziggy and Mugzy. We had those two at the same time for a while. The differences were like night and day. Those two were always enjoyable, sometimes confusing, and very entertaining. Ziggy was a Teacup Poodle and Mugzy was a Pekingese.

To begin with it would be impossible not to notice their physical differences. Mugzy was longer in length with short legs, a flat face and a tongue that always hung out. Ziggy was small but everything was proportionate, he had a longer snout with white sharp teeth. Mugzy's fur was a dark tan, while Ziggy's fur was bright white. Ziggy's hair was stiff and curly, but Mugzy's was long, soft, and fluffy. My dad hated, I mean hated with a passion, Mugzy's hair. Mostly because he shed everywhere. My dad was allergic as well so that made his hate even stronger. Ziggy's hair on the other hand rarely needed any brushing because he didn't shed and other than an occasional trim, it stayed short. One late summer my dad had finally had enough of Mugzy's hair and shaved him from neck to base of his tail. Imagine a lions mane and tail. The poor thing looked so sad to have all his hair gone. But I think even he felt better. It had been a very warm summer.

Another difference that was not hard to miss
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