Two Pairs of Lovers

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Love is a universal theme in life, and creative minds all over the world constantly find new ways to incorporate it into their work. Such artists include Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte, with his painting The Lovers, and French author Albert Camus, writer of The Stranger. The Lovers’ primary subjects are two individuals, a man and a woman, locked in an intimate embrace. They have their faces enshrouded with a white veil, preventing them from viewing each other. The man is wearing a black suit and the woman dons a red garment. Behind them is a cloudy night sky, while above is a white wall and to the right, a red wall. Camus’ work does not focus on love as a major theme, yet Meursault, the main character, does end up engaging in a romantic relationship with a woman named Marie. From the very beginning, their relationship seems to be based solely on physical desires, the inability to unveil their partner’s true character, as well as a failure to express one’s own emotions toward their partner. This lack of both expression and understanding between the couple in the novel ties into Magritte’s painting, since its subjects also experience this problem because of the cloth covering their relationship.
Because of this veil, the couple in the painting cannot see each other or kiss, so their love does not depend on typical physical aspects of love. Instead, the cloth seems to be wrapped in such a way that the two veils might be connected as one piece. Also, the way the light
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