Two Paths That Two Different People Walk Upon

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Two paths that two different people walk upon. The first person graduates from high school with honors and goes on to university to get a bachelor’s degree. The other person graduates high school and attends university as well as the first person. Years later when both have a bachelor’s degree they apply for jobs within the same company. They get hired in the department and both work extremely hard, but unfortunately one of the individuals is getting paid less than the other. When the two people are compared as a whole, the differences are very minimal, too minimal for there to be a difference in pay. The biggest and most obvious difference between the two wasn’t that the first person graduated with honors and the second didn’t, but…show more content…
Women are getting paid only 79 cents for every dollar men are earning (Gender Inequality and Women in the Workplace). 79 cents do not sound like much of a difference from one dollar, but why should women be comforted with that instead of equal pay. If women bring the same skill level to the job and same level of higher education, then they should be getting paid the same as their male co- workers. The problem with equal pay is that many people are not aware that women and men are not being paid the same for completing the same level of work. Approximately “91 percent of men think that there is equal pay between both male and females and 50 percent of females believe the same” (How to beat workplace gender inequality). Like mentioned the root of the problem is that people not being effected by the issue tend to believe that there is no issue. The gap between the amount men get paid and the amount that women get paid is improving, but at a very slow rate throughout the decades. In other countries such as Europe the gender wage gap has a difference of only 16. 4 percent of how much women earn compared to men (GENDER INEQUALITY). Although the percentage of that does not seem too high, there should be no difference there at all for women to gain equality. Another reason that causes gender inequality to be an issue is that women are not being presented with the same promotion opportunities as men are in their workplace. The idea behind this is that most
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