Two-Point Discrimination Paper

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The accuracy with which tactile stimuli can be sensed differs from one area of the body to another and from one individual to another (Purves et al., 2001). The difference in tactile ability across the body surface can be measured by two-point discrimination (Purves et al., 2001). Two-point discrimination (TPD) is the measurement of the cutaneous sensation to distinguish one-point from two-point static touch stimuli (Periyasamy et al., 2008). TPD has been used to evaluate tactile spatial acuity since E. H. Weber published his seminal work on the sense of touch, De Tactu, in 1834 (Tong et al., 2013). TPD helps in diagnosis diseases like Diabetic neuropathy since it is a quantitative and direct measure of sensory loss (Periyasamy et al.,
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