Two Sector Specific Plans

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Two Sector Specific Plans: Interdependence "Traditionally, a successful terrorist campaign required an audience 'terrorism is theatre,' as Brian Jenkins has suggested. Yet, the attacks in Bali, London, Madrid and New York suggest that the newest wave of terrorist groups also want people dead, not just watching" (Forest, 2006). When it comes to issues of homeland security and national security, one commonly thinks of the banking and finance institutions, communications, the safety of the water supply, energy, food and agriculture, and comparable issues. However, the nation has a truly wide range of vulnerabilities that exceed even those issues. For instance, two areas of vulnerability are educational institutions and national monuments/icons. It's not a surprise that these sector specific plans have a certain level of interdependence, given the overlap that these two arenas have in nature. A national monument or icon is a physical structure or object that represents the country's traditions, values, history and has a purpose of memorializing notable aspects of the nation's heritage or values and which also represents a point of interest for visitors (, 2010). Educational facilities have an extreme essence that is comparable to national monuments: they're places of history and promise. Institutions like Harvard and the University of Chicago were founded by some of the nation's brightest and most influential historical figures and are destinations in their own
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