Two Sides Of The Same Coin. The Struggle Of Old World Blues.

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Two Sides of The Same Coin
The Struggle of Old World Blues Two Sides of The Same Coin
The Struggle of Old World Blues
What is love? What is acceptance? What is it to know who you truly are and be happy with yourself? These are common questions a person thinks to themselves at one point or another in their lifetime. Many people unsure of who they are, unsure how to truly discover themselves, if they would be happy with who they are and if their loved ones or even society will love them the same or even accept them. These questions have become more prevalent in recent years with the rise of people coming out as transgender as well as other topics under the LGBT+ spectrum. A human being is a human being and everyone struggles with finding
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When a person of transgender finally discovers this about themselves realizing they are a different gender from when they were assigned they feel closer to being free but now with a new obstacle in their way. Should they make this discovery public or not. They could keep it hidden and only show it occasionally out of fear of the rejection that might occur or they could come out of the metaphorical closet and show the true them. A common goal from anyone is to achieve the praise of their parent or guardian; to make them proud and have them speak of their child with a sense of pride. The reaction of the parent cannot be determined they may not be the most open minded but can still accept that this is who their child is or the complete inverse could occur. They just hope to have their parents understand this is who they are and accept that they are happy.

The same issue could be said about trying to pursue a relationship for these individuals. If someone is male to female transgender and wish to be in a relationship with someone else, and they might not realize they are trans until after the relationship was established when their partner discovers they are so, they might not be able to stay with them or will force them to stay as the gender they were when they met for the couple to stay together. Building relationships are difficult and humans are a social creature requiring interaction with others in some form or another to progress forward. In the search for love and
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