Two Sides of The Same Coin: The Courtier, Written by Castiglione

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The Renascence was based on the idea of humanism, the human essence of men. The common ground that this definition had was based on the idea that the population is human and religion falls in the background. The idea that “simple” humans could be heroes comes to light and both Castiglione and Machiavelli describe the characteristic of this person. These two, based on the same subject they implement a different integrity on how to succeed. The Book of The Courtier, written by Castiglione, describes the characteristics necessary to be an honorable courtier. Among the characteristics of a courtier is modesty, grace, courage and appearance are described. One of the most important characteristics that must be embedded by a courtier is courage. Courage is the strength to despite the situation do what is right. Important because such trait makes it more than a hero it makes him powerful as through history we see people being quiet for money especially in the world of politics. Many times, the advisor is the real ruler as it has greatly influenced in the decisions taken by the ruler. Castiglione describes a man to be “perfect,” capable of excelling in every scope, outshining everything. As a result, the significance of “Humerism” or the universal man is generated. This fact explains the choice of describing a courtier, the person that advises the king, which at the same time highlights the importance of this person and its role in society. The indicated aspect shows the

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