Two Similar but Different Genocides: The Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide

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It’s hard to imagine that people would support and act upon plans to kill millions of innocent human beings. The Holocaust and Cambodian genocide were two of the most horrific genocides in the history of civilization. The Holocaust and Cambodian genocide has not only similarities but also differences. How they treated their victims, USA involvement, and that they both killed millions of people are some things they share. Differences they include are the people they targeted, how the two leaders took office and lastly where these to genocides took place.
Of these two genocides, the Holocaust is more widely known. In the early 1930s, the German economy was in poor condition (“Background”). The Nazis tried and succeeded at portraying
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Later that same year, Pot and the Khmer Rouge took control over Cambodia. Pot wasted no time in starting his mission to reconstruct Cambodia. He thought that all the educated people needed to be killed (Melicharova). Also he thought that all noncommunist aspects of Cambodia needed to be wiped out. All rights you had were now gone. Religion was banned and if you were any kind of leader among the Buddhist monks, you were killed instantly (Melicharova). All kids were taken away and sent to work in the fields (Melicharova). If anyone was currently working and had a job, they were immediately killed along with their family members. It got so bad that you could be killed for just laughing, crying, and knowing another language. The Khmer Rouge motto was “To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss” (Melicharova). If you were lucky enough to escape death, you were put into the fields working usually from 4am to 10pm unpaid (“Pol”). From lack of food and sleep, people often became very ill which sadly led to death. The Holocaust and Cambodian genocide had a few similarities. The way they treated people, USA involvement, and that they both resulted in millions of people dying are some things that these two terrible genocides have in common. Hitler and Pot treated the people they targeted ruthlessly. They were so focused on creating a “pure nation” that they lost track of their humanity (Rummel). They killed tons of
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