Two Speeches by Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. has had many sensational speeches. The successes presented in the two excerpts can be used as examples for success towards other speeches. In speeches ethos is used to reach out to the audience like Martin Luther King Jr. does. Professor Brown defines ethos as voice of credibility. Martin Luther King Jr. during his two excerpts uses pathos. Professor Brown defines pathos as passion, and narrative. In most speeches Martin Luther King Jr. uses logic, logos to addresses the audience into understanding the meanings. Professor Brown defines logos as logic. Logic is supported by science, induction and deduction. Excerpt one is Martin Luther King Jr. talking to Africans about their freedoms and starts the speech by addressing the wrongs of slavery. Excerpt one is located in Crawfordville, Georgia. The purpose of this excerpt is to get the African Americans that Martin Luther King Jr. is giving his speech to, to get energized. Martin Luther King Jr. wants the crowd to help him stop the racism going on around them. The way that Martin Luther King Jr. approaches the audience at Crawfordville, Georgia is not to use big words to confuse them but to come out and tell them what is happening around them and that it needs to be stopped. Martin Luther King Jr. says “Our four parents labored right around here for two centuries without wages. They made cotton king they built the homes of their masters and oppressed in the midst in the most humiliating and
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