Two Survivors Of The Holocaust

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Two Survivors of the Holocaust Don’t Worry this is not one of those gross and gory stories about the Holocaust. It is and compare and contrast of two families where some members survived, but some unfortunately did not. The two families being talked about are the Weismann’s and the Klein’s. Many Jews lives were lost during the holocaust, but there is also many who survived such a traumatic event. These people’s stories can be so different, but also so alike at the same time and that is what I am going to elaborate on today.
Kurt and Gerda’s lives before the war before the war were very different, mostly because of their living circumstances were so different. Before the war started Kurt a year after his sister moved to the United States of America, and Gerda and her family stayed in their homeland of Poland until were kicked out later on after the World War 2 started. When Kurt first moved to America it was just him and his sister. About a year later their brother was lucky enough to make it there as well, in the year of 1938. September 1st 1939 Nazi invaded Poland. A short time after Gerda’s Brother Arthur was forced to leave in a Nazi transport along with other young men in their town, and had to leave the family. Kurt got to be with his siblings unlike Gerda, and Gerda got to be with her parents unlike Kurt. Kurt’s family had plans to all be in America together, but many things got in the way of Kurt’s parents getting there. Such as new immigration laws and getting
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