Two Tough Calls Case Study

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1.A. How would you describe the HR practices and beliefs of the program manager, the narrator of this case? For the most part, I believe the narrator had a good outlook with her HR practices and beliefs. She understood the company did not always do the right thing, but she wanted to make sure she did the right thing to make her a better manager. The narrator had the ability to be honest with the people, which would help to make the department stronger. There is not need to lie to people to make them happy. If people need additional training or development, then they should be aware of what is expected and what they need to improve. It is better to be up front with the people, because people that are lied to believe they are doing better…show more content…
Adding this step would have shown the company they did not have a full-time position available for Phil. The company still could have used his expertise in the field, but it would have either been with a part-time position or a contract position. The company must ensure they are bringing people on that are able to perform the job required. It will not help the company to add people with little or no experience. This will actually hinder the performance of the groups. 3. A. Who’s to “blame” for the program manager’s work difficulties with Terry – top management, HR department, prior managers, or the program manager in this case? Discuss. The blame for the program manager’s work difficulties with Terry are a direct result of the handling of Terry by the previous program manager. While some people would say the blame should lie on the upper management for hiring Terry, the previous manager was the one that constantly gave Terry above average grades on performance reviews. If the previous manager was giving Terry above average grades on performance reviews due to upper management, then I would say it is both the previous manager and upper management’s fault. The previous manager had an obligation to ensure the performance grades were in line with the performance of the individual. If the manager did grade accordingly, and the upper management changed the grading, then it is
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