Two Unforgettable Egyptian Revolutions

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Revolutions have taken place over history around the whole world and varied greatly according to their causes, objectives, and results. They all occur in order to make a kind of change, either by attempting to modify regimes or completely overthrow them. Their results incorporate material changes in political, economic, cultural, and social life. In Egypt, two of the most crucial revolutions that have occurred are the 1952 and 2011 revolutions. Even though the gap of years between them is quite wide, they share similarities in their causes and goals. The causes of the July revolution of 1952 made the Egyptian people deem it inescapable. They were ruled by King Farouk, notorious for his affairs with women and his feats at gambling. Moreover, after the ignominious defeat in Palestine and the establishment of the state of Israel, the Egyptian governments followed one another in quick succession, each one more corrupt than the one before. Consequently, income disparities were increasing rapidly as was the population. In addition, all the important political positions and social privileges were monopolized by a small proportion of the population, with the rest living barely at subsistence level. With all these circumstances, a general feeling spread among Egyptians even three or four years before the revolution that something momentous was about to happen, which came in the form of a military coup supported by the Egyptian people in the July revolution of 1952. Sixty year

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