Two Viewpoints Dealing with the Interpretation of Mythology in the Present Day

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The first, that mythology is a good thing, that it spreads culture and that the belief that they were created to comfort the ignorant is completely false. The other, which myths, while having their uses, have no place in a modern society such as the one we live in. I personally believe in the latter.

I will explain my beliefs by first explaining why myths came about in the first place, and why we do not need myths anymore to accomplish those goals. A well-accepted hypothesis is that myths came up as a source of explanation for when there is no explanation available and, as people fear the unknown, myths came up to explain these uncertainties away. However, in the age of modern science, most everything in the universe can now be explained. Spiders don’t weave webs because a temperamental goddess was angry at a weaver, they do so to capture prey and eat them. Many counter this argument by saying the actual, scientific explanations are often cold and uninteresting in comparison to the stories that could have been drummed up in their stead, but I steadfastly disagree. Once one starts to understand that the unknown world is greater than what the human mind could possibly understand and comprehend, once one starts truly hearing the rhythm of the world, it is then when the truth becomes more interesting than fiction. To cover up these unknowns with tales of fantasy is…
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