Two Way Communication Prevails over One Way Communication

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With reference to organization of your choice,discuss the view that two –way communication should prevail over one-way communication.

Communication plays a very important role in an organisation. In fact, it is said to be the lifeline of the organisation. In totality, communication in an organisation is very complex and needs to be correctly managed, handled and monitored to avert chaos, crisis or conflict. The success and downfall of an organization has a significant link and attachment to communication as the strength, base and foundation between employees and employers such that through communication models that act as vehicles, the corporate sphere is fully equipped by way of addressing crisis management, organizational
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Dialog and the existence of feedback is also shown through the facilitation of trade unions, works councils and workers committees in settling and exercising a collective bargaining approach on issues of any nature as seen between and its employees hence feedback is the main component of communication process at the above mentioned organization as it permits the sender to analyze the efficacy of the information or issues which may have arose.

One-way process is influenced by the Linear model which does not recognize the importance of feedback as an aspect of paramount importance in the scenario of an organisation that advocates for mutuality and of a sound relationship (Wood, 2009). The Mathematical or Linear Model of Communication is a model that suggests communication moves only in one direction. The operation of a one-way process in an organization results in reduced employee morale. This dissatisfaction can translate into higher employee turnover and recruiting and training costs, as well as a higher likelihood of strikes (Brown, 1965). Two-way communication to a certain extent helps the smooth running of industrial affairs between the management and employees. Terry (1974) states that "Communication serves as the lubricant, posturing for the smooth operations of the management process.In managerial terms, the process of communication is espoused to the concept that of conception,
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