Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence Essay

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In “Two Ways a Woman Can get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” the author Jean Kilbourne describes how advertising and violence is a big problem for women. Although her piece is a little scrambled, she tries to organize it with different types of advertisement. Women are seen as sex objects when it comes to advertising name brand products. Corporate representatives justify selling and marketing for a product by how a woman looks. Kilbourne explains how the media is a big influence on how men perceive women. Kilbourne tries to prove her point by bashing on advertising agencies and their motives to successfully sell a product. Kilbourne’s affirmation towards advertisements leaves you no doubt that she is against them. The author’s main…show more content…
Even though Kilbourne is emotional with the essay, she opens the essay with a good thesis that draws the audience in. This makes the readers interested in what the author is saying. She does not use any headings in her essay, but she uses the ads as a guide of what she is going to write about. Even though the organization does not help nor hurt her essay, it helps explain her style. Kilbourne’s substances to this essay are the quotes and statistics to show the facts of the argument she is discussing about. She definitely uses logic and emotion for this essay. In conclusion, Kilbourne wanted to express how the entertainment business portrays woman. Between the logic and emotion, she tries to even it out and show her opinion and facts about the women in the media. Her delivery in this essay comes from the ads and the quotes. Kilbourne likes to show examples and explain her opinion through the ads in this essay. Since she did not use headings or listings, the ads will show the meaning of the essay even more than what she actually wrote in the essay. Kilbourne is very sarcastic with certain things she says about the ads and the men that are in the ads, like the ad with the shaving gel, razor, and the photo of a man. It shows her feminist side and that explains why she usually has emotions in the essay. The logic and emotion in this essay both explain the meaning of how women should be treated the right way
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