Two Weaknesses of Judaism

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JUDAISM A Jew is any individual whose mother was a Jew or any individual who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism. Judaism has nothing with what you do or believe in. A person who is born to a non Jew but believes and follows every aspect of Judaism is still considered a non Jew and a person born to Jewish parents but is an atheist will still be considered a Jew. Hence, Judaism is more like ethnicity rather than a religion which sets it apart from other religions. There are two weaknesses in Judaism as observed today. One is a propensity to historicism, that is, the ambiguous equation of standard with facticity and facticity with custom that leads to a renunciation of philosophical commitment for a disengaged scientific bearing or a similarly unpleasant yield of judgment to the course of events. Historicism is a usual offshoot of admiration for tradition, or of anticipation of advancement. It grow to be predominantly incapacitating under the force of positivism, whether of the rational empiricist type that governed philosophy for a great deal of the beginning of the 20th century, or of the more prevalent type that flourishes on the utter givenness of any organization of law and sacrament or that permits itself to be overcome by the push of history itself. It is not strange, even today, when rational positivism is extensively considered to be long deceased, to find intellectuals of Jewish reflection who reserve historical metaphors for
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