Two ways of losing weight: Healthy and Dangerous one

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Stephanie Pulgar
John Diederich
Writing II
September, 23rd 2013
Two ways of weight loss: Healthy and dangerous

Through the years, society have got a whole new concept of what being happy could mean; it is not about how you feel, it is more about what others would think about you. People find themselves wanting to be somebody else as long as they look “good”, but what is the meaning of “good”? The real meaning is translated into skinny, the skinnier they are, the happier they will be, so it’s more about “the look”. This new change in the way of thinking, lead to several problems in society due to the fact that people do whatever is necessary to “take off” weight, but the question is: Is it really helping you? Are you doing
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Since the body does not have the requirements to function in optimal way, individuals start feeling weak, but they don’t understand why; The body is being forced; In consequence, It has no power to function, and they may be exercising or just keeping on task, doing the activities they are used to, but it will be a difference in the way they feel.
The difference between a healthy and a dangerous diet rely on the way we decide to do it:
A healthy diet will include a combination of every kind of food, proteins, carbohydrates, oils, fruits, vegetables, water, etc ; In opposite, a dangerous diet will include avoiding some kind of food because we think of it as pure fat, without thinking it has its function in our body, also a very common but really bad habit is fasting; people stop eating and they don’t think in how dangerous it can be.
We can conclude that there are two ways of losing weight, and it is up to each individual to follow one or another. Everyone is responsible for its own health, and sometimes we won’t feel able to wait, so we will try to find the easy way to lose weight, that will definitely not be the best
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