Ty Cobb

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I am certain I can wrap up who Ty Cobb was in a few words. He was a man that had “daddy issues”, as well as anger issues. However, he was also, from what I have read, a great baseball player. Cobb seemed to be dedicated to the game, working hard on-field as well as off-field. Although, I felt like that was more to do with his obsession to be the best or prove his self-worth to his father. Either way, his cruelty both on and off the field seemed to work for him and against him. The players hazed him and from what I gathered were scared of him, as well as the owner wanting to trade him, but unable to do so. He was intelligent, studying a pitcher’s style and technique so he could have an advantage and using intimidation; teams still do this today.…show more content…
Ty went on to become the youngest man to win a big league batting title, as well as winning 12 in total within thirteen years. I would say he was definitely dedicated to baseball or maybe just his success. As for his stance towards black, I imagine he was largely influenced by society’s views in the south. The south, for the most part during this time, was still against blacks and his actions from the reading showed he was too. For instance, he stabbed a black hotel watchman for no reason other than the man trying to do his job. To be fair, I would imagine that the Tigers covering up the stabbing did nothing but make his attitude towards blacks even worse. Another instance of his aggressiveness towards blacks was when a black groundskeeper tried to shake his hand; Cobb tried to strangle him and the man’s wife for trying to help her husband (Baseball, 2010). Considering his stance on blacks I am honestly not sure if he should be celebrated historically for his accomplishments or vilified due to his actions towards black. The reason for my uncertainty is due to the time frame his accomplishments and actions took place in. America during his time still held a prejudice and racism towards blacks and Cobbs actions showed this. He was also an accomplished baseball player (batting titles) and used many techniques on and off-field that baseball still uses today (training off season); therefore, he really cannot be forgotten historically. For this reason, maybe Cobb should be both celebrated and
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