Tye Sheridan Sparknotes

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Tye Sheridan might be the third actor to play Scott Summers aka Cyclops, but the X-Men: Apocalypse star is certainly happy with the opportunity to play the Marvel mutant. But how does Scott end up joining the X-Men? Sheridan reveals it has a lot to do with Cyclops’ brother Alex Summers aka Havok (Lucas Till)! Sheridan recently spoke to Den of Geek, where he talked about taking on the role that was originally played by Enchanted actor James Marsden. “It’s such an honor to play a younger version of James Marsden and it’s going to be hard to live up to what he created in the X-Men universe,” Sheridan said before explaining that Apocalypse will explore the backstory of several characters. “What’s nice about this X-Men is that it’s very much an origin story for everyone; it is all their beginnings, so it doesn’t exactly have to sync up with where we last saw these characters chronologically and who they are to us now,” he said.…show more content…
“What is fun about my character in this film is it starts off with him being a mutant that hasn’t discovered his super powers and then he discovers them and is this kind of weirdo at school, and his brother Havok introduces him to Professor X at his school for mutants,” he said, adding that Cyclops eventually feels a sense of belonging and the need to help other mutants. “It’s not until then that he feels that he actually has a place that he feels normal and that there are people just like him at the school,” Sheridan stated. “He’s got to quickly get control of his super powers and help the X-Men [fight Apocalypse] at the end of the movie.” X-Men: Apocalypse is directed by Bryan Singer and will premiere on May
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