Tyler Clementi vs. Daharun Ravi- Bullie Into Suicide... or Not?

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Ladina Tolbert Comp. I- Tyler Clementi- First Draft Anissa Raiford-Ford 11/20/2012 Bullied into Suicide… Or not? This is a classic example of why it is so hard to have the right to choose sexual orientation in America. There is no excuse for Tyler being harassed about something as simple as who he was. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, metro-sexual, whatever the preference, the choice was his own. Sadly, not all of the cases of the “who did what to whom” have the Cinderella ending everyone hopes for. Tyler Clementi fell short of that Cinderella ending and a lot further from the George Washington Bridge in New York. Throughout time, Americans have been constantly encouraged to be just who they are and are protected through freedom…show more content…
If you put that shoe on the other foot, Ravi would have expected the same thing providing he was asking Clementi to leave the room for what can only be assumed as something he did not want his roommate or anyone else to see. This was a hate crime. From the beginning, Daharun Ravi and the friends he chatted with about Tyler Clementi online and in person, focused solely on the fact that Tyler Clementi was gay and nothing else. I do not believe that Daharun Ravi was not a homophobe. He was exactly that. He recorded Tyler Clementi having a sexual encounter with another man not once, but twice. Ravi made the topic of his Twitter and Facebook conversations of what he experienced through the spying eye of his laptop. He never expressed the fact that any of it was ok with him or that he had no problem sharing a room with him. He continuously made a spectacle of the fact that Tyler Clementi was gay and preyed on his private lifestyle. The result was Tyler Clementi ultimately taking his own life. It is certain that this could have taken a whole other turn, providing both parties had laid down the law when it came to the dos and don’ts of having a roommate. It would not have been a bad idea for Clementi to speak up for himself either. It certainly makes a difference when that difference is life and

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