Tyler Dudley. Ms. Elliott. Ap English/2P. 24 January 2017.

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Tyler Dudley Ms. Elliott AP English/2p 24 January 2017 Same Sex Marriage Research Paper There are many different topics in the world that split people’s opinions. Some stronger than others. These views and opinions are often swayed by one’s political views, and one of the biggest topics that sparks controversy are the rights of all people. Some of the bigger groups are Black Lives Matter and feminists. While these are very big and prominent, the one that sparks the most controversy is the LGBT community, and one of the biggest claims they make is that they don’t have the same rights of marriage as straight people. The LGBT community have protests and parades to try to spread the message that homosexuals should have the same rights of …show more content…

That was the day the first legal homosexual marriage occurred. Since then, parts of the world have let homosexual marriage into their culture. “In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples” (Gay Marriage State by State: From a Few States to the Whole Nation). Four years later, in 2008, another state legalized it. This state was Connecticut. “Citing that decision in part, dozens of federal district courts declared state marriage restrictions to be unconstitutional, the Supreme Court declined to intervene, and the number of states authorizing same-sex marriage expanded rapidly” (Gay Marriage State by State: From a Few States to the Whole Nation). The last states to legalize it were: almost every state between Texas and Florida, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska. Since then, protests about churches not marrying homosexual couples have occurred, streets have parades marching down them, with people carrying their rainbow colored flags to represent “gay pride” and hoping that this is enough for people to protest with them to let homosexual marriage never be refused again. The major cause of this gay pride movement for homosexual marriage starts with religion. “Gay marriage is contrary to the

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