Tyler Durden's Insomnia In 'Fight Club'

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Fight Club is about a man plagued with insomnia on the verge on a break down who finds solace in attending support groups of varies diseases and disorders. The effectiveness of the support groups abruptly vanishes when he notices another member by the name of Marla abusing others emotion’s for personal her own gain, sending Edwards’s character back into another bout of anxiety fueled insomnia. As time progresses throughout the movie narrator meets a man named Tyler Durden, whom together create a fight club. Tyler Durden is seen in the narrator’s eyes as the man he’d like to be but doesn’t have the stones execute. He is drawn to Tyler, learning to become more like him day by day. It appears that the newly formed club is helping Edwards character fight the insomnia issues he was having, causing him to no longer feel the need to visit the support…show more content…
Unfortunately unbeknownst to Edward, it takes a quick turn as Tyler changes the mentality forming a militant group hell bent on creating havoc, with the end goal of blow up multiple credit card headquarters, resetting the world’s credit history causing chaos. Once Edward finds out Tyler’s true plan he desperately tries to stop it, however the organization that Tyler created has become to power having links all over the country, even infiltrating the police department. As Edward Fights, he slowly begins to realize that his insomnia had over taken him, causing him to split his personality into two, him and Tyler Durden. Now Edward has to not only fight against the bombings, but somehow stop the delusions of Tyler he is having, inevitably shooting himself in the jaw(head) killing Tyler, but allowing him to
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