Tyler Perry Analysis

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1. Tyler Perry’s films frequently contain a Christian message, thus appealing a market that puts religious content and the target market and/or audience as whole ahead of influential people. Perry’s films, specifically those we watched in class, feature prostitutes, drug dealers, domestic violence disputes, and adulterers who happen to find their souls by coming to Jesus and those family members surrounding Christianity. One work that exemplifies this ideology, is Perry’s, Diary of a Mad Black Woman—Brian tells Helen that it isn’t good “to hold on to the things God is trying to tear apart,” but the most vivid reminder of Christianity for me was when Helen’s mother told her that, “God is a jealous God,” which took place during a conversation she and Helen had about Charles and how he was her entire life, rather than God being the center of Helen’s life. Perry is a devout Christian, who doesn’t believe in the idea of hiding his faith, and it is seen throughout all his works. Having had such a trouble past with molestation and verbal and physical abuse by his father, Perry found relief in relying on God and his mother who too saw a friend in Jesus. 2. Perry’s films do reinforce the misrepresentation of typical African American behavior. Patricia Hill Collins, author of the book, Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment, said, specifically about Black women, our stereotypical images are intended to make racism, sexism, and all other
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