Tyler Perry Films

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In the realm of Black films there is one man that comes to mind and no that is not Tyler Perry although he is great, but that man is Spike Lee. Spike Lee has been making films since 1983 that is a career span of thirty years with him directing with him actually directing thirty-nine films. Those thirty-nine films do not include all of the films he has produced and been an actor in. Spike Lee has become known for his films that usually revolve around present day problems with race and issues that affect the Black community. Two of his most popular films the first being School Daze, (1988) and the second Jungle Fever, (1991). Both films were written, produced, and directed by Spike Lee who also played a character in the films. School Daze a film that on the surface seems like it is only about sororities and fraternities against people who do not join them, but a more in depth look reveals the film is more about complexion. Jungle Fever, a film about a married Black man cheating on his Black wife with a white woman on the surface may seem to be about infidelity, but is also about colorism1 within the Black community. The issue of colorism, which basically means one skin tone is preferred over another, usually in darker races the lighter skin tones are preferred. This issue has plagued the Black community since the time of slavery and continues to affect the Black community today. School Daze, centers around the bougy Blacks in sororities and fraternities and the Afrocentric
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