Tyler's Costuming: A Critique

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What was also realistic was the costuming of each character. Laura, who played the teacher wore a long beige skirt with a blue blouse. I thought this was acceptable for a female teacher to wear, and with her hair tied back, it contributed to the look. Gil’s costuming was blue jeans and a chestnut colored jacket with workboots. I assume Gil’s costume was appropriate because the only trait we knew about him was that he is an alcoholic. Through the play, there is no mention of what he does for a living, only that he is drunk constantly. I have two different opinions towards Tyler’s costume because even though he wears a uniform since he attends a private school; I felt that he was dressed unprofessionally because he had a few of his shirt buttons…show more content…
However, the main source of light comes from the two classrooms lights, one on both the right and left of the stage. This is interesting because I never saw a production the main light coming from actual lighting that was included in the scenery. To addition, due to the storyline, the only lighting cues were in the beginning and the end. During the scenes where the characters came in and out, there was no fading of light, since there was always an actor on stage. One issue that I would critique is to have added a spotlight or light effects during some of the actor’s emotional monologues to create an emotional effect. A part that should have had a lighting cue, was when the fifteen year old student, Tyler, confessed to Gil that his fiance, Laura had intercourse with Tyler. I believe that there should have been a dramatic lighting cue at this point because when the secret was revealed, everyone gasped. I do however find it interesting how the director did have it because, during the whole show, it was as if I were in the classroom watching the drama unfold. The production of MISS overall was put together promisingly as the set was realistic in depicting a classroom. Props that were used in the play had helped make the story come alive, especially with the special effects. Costumes were put together to make the actors realistic in their part as a teacher, an alcoholic, and a private school student. Never have I watched a play with two sources of light that were on stage, but I found it well done and a different way of making the story come
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