Tylistic Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Garden Party

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Stylistic Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s
Garden Party

To better comprehend our course: Style in Fiction, I have selected a short story the Garden Party, so as to analyze in terms of styles.
1. About the writer and the story
1.1 About the writer Beforehand, I’d like to give a brief introduction of the short story’s writer Katherine Mansfield and the short story. Katherine was born in Wellington, New Zealand, into a middle-class colonial family in 1888. She studied at Queens College, London, where she met and later married her husband, a famous critic. Mansfield‘s creative years were burdened with loneliness, illness, jealousy, alienation - all this reflected in her work with the bitter depiction of marital and family
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Dense symbolism creates a perfect combination of picturesque scenery and philosophy ideas, flattering her novels greatly. Mansfield was adept at expressing certain emotions through symbols. Symbolic imagery is Mansfield’s most meaningful and frequently used literary device. The objects, the scenery, and even the topic have certain symbolic meanings.
2.3 Point of View In Garden Party, the writer employed three kinds of points of view, they are: limited point of view, the omniscient point of view, and first person point of view. And each of their transition can, from different aspects, reflects little Laura’s three stages’ journey of heart. Limited point of view, in which, the narrator tells a story from the third person 's point of view, but must be subject to a certain character’s think and feel, is the main form of this story. The readers enter into Laura’s inner world through her point of view, and can resonate with her at every moment.
3. Conclusion And there the story ends. It’s a circle of development. The roses open their petals for the morning of the party; the afternoon “slowly ripened, slowly faded, slowly its petals closed”. And the end the dead body lies like a closed flower in the night and Laura feels she has seen life through its full cycle of blooming and closing. The Sheridan s story is more concerned with human relationship and with conscious change. Mansfield’s

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