Tyndale Bible And The Reformation Of England

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Tyndale Bible and The Reformation of England The Reformation of England was a very important, yet difficult time, in history. According to Hughes Oliphant Old, author of The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian, “The Reformation in England obviously pressed for a variety of changes that affected the whole life of the nation” (Old, 2002) There are many people and experiences that influenced this Reformation in English history. One of the biggest influences on The Reformation was William Tyndale and the Tyndale Bible. This bible was imperative to this time period due to the fact that it welcomed more people to religion, and inspired individuality. It welcomed more people in the sense that everyone was…show more content…
Despite this, Tyndale still managed to make the new version of the Bible (Faulkner, 2017). Knowing how badly the Catholic church wanted to prevent this makes it clear as to why the Tyndale Bible was a key player in the English Reformation. Another reason the Tyndale Bible had a huge affect on the English Reformation was because it gave people the idea of being individual. Knowing that the church did not want the Bible translated because they wanted people to need them for a greater understanding of the Bible, makes it easier to understand why after a new Bible comes out people would become more independent (Faulkner, 2017). According to Roger B. Manning, “The popular reformation commenced only when people began to assume a Protestant, as opposed to a merely anti-papal, attitude” (Manning, 1970). This is important because it shows that this Reformation caused people to begin thinking for themselves. Since Tyndale’s Bible was a part of the Reformation, one should conclude that the Bible Some people may look at the Tyndale’s bible and see it as just another part of history, and that it was nothing more than that. While it may not have had an immediate effect on the Reformation, the Tyndale Bible inspired actions nonetheless. He provided society with hope and a sense of belonging. The Reformation was a difficult time for many people and the Tyndale Bible provided a way out for those people. It allowed people to see the world differently, and actively
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