Tynia's Injustice

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The reporter stated on 08/09/16, Tynia disclosed to her physician that at the age of 2 her 30 (+) adoptive brother raped her; it's unknown if the adoptive brother was 30 when the incident occurred or if he's 30 now. The reporter stated it's unknown if the child was in MI or LA when the abuse occurred, if she still has contact with the perpetrator, or if the abuse occurred more than once. The reporter also stated it's unknown if the incident was reported to law enforcement or DHS. According to the reporter, Ms. McWillie was aware of the incident,k but it's unknown when she became aware or if she took appropiate steps to report it to proper authorities. Ms. Miller stated Tynia has been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and PTSD and she has received
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