Type 1 Diabetes Aetiology : Autoimmune Destruction Of The Beta Cells

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Type 1 Diabetes Aetiology: Autoimmune destruction of the beta cells located in the pancreas, both genetic predisposition (Parent/s have type 1 Diabetes) and environment factors (virus: mumps, rubella and toxic chemicals.) upper respiratory infection triggers involved in type 2 Diabetes often referred to as childhood diabetes due to the age of patients diagnosed with this form.
Type 1 Diabetes Pathophysiology: Autoimmune- Anti islet antibodies attack through Lymphocyte infiltration and destruction of the insulin secreting beta cells of the langerhans within the pancreas.
Destruction of beta cells > Beta cells decline> insulin secretion decreases until insulin is no longer available to maintain normal blood glucose levels.>Beta cells are destroyed, hyperglycaemia develops >diagnosis of diabetes.
Signs and Symptoms: Polyuria, Polydipsia, Polyphagia, weight loss. Nausea, fatigue.
Treatment: Subcutaneous Insulin injections
Dosing Parameters:
Nursing Interventions:
Patient Education:
• Signs and symptoms of hypoglycaemia and management of hypoglycaemia.
• Education on the disease diabetes, lifestyle modifications required (Diet/exercise) and understanding chronic complications of diabetes on other body systems if they do not follow recommendations in self management of Diabetes according to their individual treatment plan.
• Education on how to perform finger prick test of BGL monitoring and self administering of insulin injections.
Type 2 Diabetes Aetiology:
Type 2…
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