Type 2 Diabetes In East Harlem

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The Hispanic ethnic group comprises more than 50 million of the American population; this about 16 percent of the population 1. The USA Census Bureau forecasts that in 2050, one out of three people living in America will be of Hispanic origin 2. Hispanics refer to people of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Central or South American background 3. They also include people of other Spanish culture despite their race. This paper focuses on the impact of socioeconomic status of Hispanics on the incidence of Type II diabetes in East Harlem. East Harlem is located on the northeast corner of Manhattan, New York. East Harlem, also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio. In addition, about one-third of the East Harlem residents live below the poverty line, compared to the NYC in general East Harlem has one of the highest proportions of households in poverty 4 . Relationships between socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and chronic disease undoubtedly have complex explanations. The socioeconomic status has been used to explain the higher prevalence and higher…show more content…
Hispanics households with low socioeconomic status and low education coupled with low diabetes awareness have high type 2 diabetes prevalence 9. The high prevalence rates of type 2 diabetes can be attributed to a number of reasons such as; the Latinos have a genetic tendency to develop insulin resistance and they face high risks for abdominal obesity. The study emphasized that the strongest predictors of developing type 2 diabetes in Hispanic population are impaired insulin sensitivity, low insulin secretion and and glucose effectiveness 1. In addition, the prevalence rates are high in poor families who have poor nutrition and lifestyle behaviors. Since poor families have low access to education, they tend to have low awareness for diabetes hence these results in high diabetes prevalent rates. The results of the study indicated that incidence of diabetes decreased with rising educational level in Hispanic population

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