Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus ( T2d )

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Introduction Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) is a chronic metabolic disease in which insulin is secreted by the pancreas in response to an increase in blood glucose levels. In T2D, the body makes insulin; however there is resistance of target tissues to insulin, leading to abnormal insulin secretion (Government of Canada, 2013). Thus, increased levels of insulin need to be produced in order to maintain normal blood glucose levels within the body (Government of Canada, 2013).With the growing epidemic of sedentary lifestyle in the Western hemisphere, there is an increasing prevalence in the number of diagnosed cases of T2D. There are many risk factors associated with T2D such as being overweight or obese, high blood pressure,…show more content…
Although the impacts of combined endurance and resistance training have been shown to have contradictory effects in the general population (Leveritt et al., 1999), there may be positive outcomes for those with T2D in order to improve their current condition and reduce risk of co-morbidity (Larose et al., 2012). The current review paper aims to examine the effects of concurrent endurance and resistance training and its implications for glycemic control, fasting blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, body mass index, and VO2max changes in T2D patients. Inclusion Criteria Using scientific databases, studies that were conducted in order to examine the effects of endurance and resistance training on T2D were included in the review. Due to the limited amount of literature available, all studies that focused on concurrent training were included regardless of their relative length of studies. In the study by Yavari et al. (2012), they examined the effects of concurrent resistance and endurance training on glycemic control over a 52 week period. Yavari et al. (2012) randomized 80 participants into aerobic exercise, resistance training, combined training and a control group. Participants in the combined exercise group trained 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes on a treadmill or a cycle ergometer and 2 sets of 8 exercises for 8-10 repetitions. Yavari et al. (2012) measured
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