Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Essay

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Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes For the purpose of this paper it will provide an overview of ways that diabetes, type 2, can be prevented if a person is at risk for developing it. Although there has been little research that diabetes can always be prevented there are ways that a person can delay or improve their symptoms.
Diabetes is a disease that cases blood glucose levels to rise higher than normal in the body. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes when being compared to type 1diabetes. When blood sugars rises to levels higher than normal it is called hyperglycemia. Diabetes, type 2 can result in many different issues that affect the body. There are many complications that are linked with diabetes for example, higher risk
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Mediterranean diet, a low-carbohydrate, high protein diet, a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet all of which to have shown to improve metabolic conditions. The degree of the improvement varies from patient to patient therefore, it is necessary to evaluate each patient based on their only needs and individual metabolic demands. It is recommended that patients with pre-diabetes be made aware of beneficial nutrition intervention. Knowing what diet is best for the patient can significantly help with the risks of developing diabetes type 2. Medical nutrition therapy plays a role at three levels, primary prevention, secondary and tertiary prevention. For the purpose of this paper primary prevention is observed to help aim in delaying or arresting the development of diabetes. Different types of diet have been shown to be associated with improvement in metabolic condition. Modest weight loss has been shown to improve insulin resistance so either a low carbohydrate, low-fat calorie-resistance, or Mediterranean diet may be effective in the short term (Khazrai et al.,…show more content…
Diabetes is a disease affects many different systems of the body. It can be a devastating disease and with the increasing numbers of people with the disease it is crucial that research in done to help prevent and control the disease. Along with the increase number of patients diagnosed with diabetes type 2 comings with the high cost of the disease. The complications and increasing cost of diabetes has drawn attention to the need for its prevention and its complications. With exercise and diet studies have shown that a diabetes type 2 diagnoses can be prevented or prolonged. Along with exercise to has been shown that nutrition plays a role in managing the prevention of diabetes. Also in the study conducted by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group that was shown that with people who took metformin before being diagnosed with diabetes had a lower change of developed type 2 diabetes. In conclusion through it is shown that maintaining a health diet, and exercising diabetes type 2 can possibly be prevented and with further research there may be a cure
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