Type 2 Diabetes : Symptoms, Treatment, And Cure

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Type 2 diabetes is known as mature onset diabetes. It is a chronic disease that develops when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin. Therefore, the amount of glucose in the blood stream is high. This research paper explains type 2 diabetes. It focuses on what it is, the prevalence in the United States, causes, symptoms, treatment, and cure. However, it will start by introducing diabetes in general.

Diabetes Review
When food reaches the digestive track, it transforms into glucose. That is a simple sugar. It is absorbed by the stomach and intestine and then it enters to the blood stream. When it is in the blood stream, the sugar level of our body rises. This gives signals to the pancreas, resulting in the liberation of the hormone called insulin. This hormone is very important because it helps glucose to reach important parts of the human body, such as the liver, muscles and adipose tissue or fat. It is also necessary because it helps to maintain sugar levels of our body. When the Pancreas does not produce insulin, the blood sugar level rises and glucose cannot reach the liver, muscle, and adipose tissue. This defect is called diabetes. The international Expert Committee in their article “International Expert Committee Report On The A1c Assay In The Diagnosis Of Diabetes” states that “Diabetes is a disease characterized by abnormal metabolism, most notably hyperglycemia, and an associated heightened risk for relatively specific long-term complications

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